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Hints of journalistic push-back on global warming propaganda?

Here’s an interesting note at about journalists finally getting the courage to object to propaganda produced by the National Science Foundation being printed in media outlets as true journalism. See “Journalists protest… more »

LA Times reporter clueless on climate science

In his opinion piece entitled “Global warming bill still contains some smoke and mirrors,” Todd Darling complains about the details of the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill while suggesting that its goals are essentially correct because “Now, with… more »

Denver candidate and activist training July 11

American Majority, an organization set up by the Sam Adams Alliance, is putting on a day of candidate and activist training in Denver on Saturday, July 11th. If you’re pro-liberty and pro-free market and interested in running for office or in… more »

Who called the NY Times?

I just heard Rush Limbaugh say that the NY Times changed a headline to make it sound less anti-Obama and with a little homework, I was able to verify what he was talking about. This web site links to the NY Times article with the headline “In… more »

URGENT: Twitter, technology, and Iran

For those of you who have never used Twitter – and I’m fairly new to it myself – I urge you to join (it’s free) and to search/watch the #IranElection hashtag. It’s easier than it sounds. The amount of information coming… more »

ABC: The All Barack Channel

ABC News has officially become government-run media with their announcement that they’ll be hosting a “moderated” discussion of health care reform directly from the White House. It’s a new low for American “mainstream… more »

Reader input requested

Dear reader of, As I think more about how I might further my (mostly unpaid) foray into the world of news, opinion, and media, a close friend has suggested that if I ever want to get serious about it as a potential career or at least more… more »

Rossputin interviewed by Face The State about blogging

In the "Shameless Self-Promotion" category, please allow me to suggest you listen to a brief interview of yours truly by Face The State, during which I primarily speak on the issue of blogging. The link is here:… more »

Obama campaign turns on media

It's about time that the traditional liberal media recognizes that Democrats are not their friends. No, the Obama campaign is simply using a compliant media as another tool in their propaganda machine. It's probably too late to save us from electing the… more »

Finally, some real self-criticism within the media

It seems that everyone but the dominant liberal media recognizes that the dominant liberal media has abandoned all pretense of objective journalism. It's one thing for the vast majority of journalists to be liberals and for the vast majority of… more »
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