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Gallup's bias continues

I continue to believe (as I've written before) that Gallup intentionally, even if not persistently, analyzes its poll results and titles its press releases in a way designed to bias readers' interpretations of the data against Republicans and for Barack… more »

Poll results: lasting impact of Tucson

Thanks to those who participated in my poll asking "Will the Tucson massacre have lasting political impact?" Results, in brief: 1/3 of you said there would be no lasting impact 20% said it just hurts the left 20% said it just hurts gun rights Only 10%… more »

New poll question: Lasting impact of Tucson massacre?

Please cast your vote in the poll on the right side of my web page, near the top, asking "Will the Tucson massacre have lasting political impact?" Answer choices include the list below: No Yes, it hurts the left generally Yes, it hurts the ri… more »

When even Zogby has Obama down...

When even a Zogby poll shows Obama’s ratings plummeting, you know The One is in trouble. Zogby has a reputation for a bit of liberal bias, and you can see that he desperately wants to avoid mentioning that his poll shows more people disapprove of… more »

Results of "Who will you miss most" poll

Thanks to the several hundred people who answered my “Who will you miss most” poll. Here are the results: Just squeaking out the victory was Michael Jackson with 37% of the vote. A close second was “couldn’t care less about any… more »

Obama's "Presidential Approval" negative for first time

For the second time in less than a week, it’s becoming apparent that the public is finally waking up to the fact that they elected a shiny, new president with not nearly enough experience or understanding to hold the office, particularly during… more »

Gallup: “Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group

I realize this news hit a few days ago and many of you have heard about it already, but I’ve been busy trading (among other things) this week so I’m just getting to it now… A new Gallup poll reinforces what I’ve said frequently… more »

Poll results: Cap-and-Trade and Health Care "reform"

Thanks to those of you who participated in my recent poll which asked “Will “Cap and Trade” and/or “Health Care Reform” (including a “government plan” pass during this Congress?” Surprisingly to me, 51%… more »

Poll results and new poll

Thanks to those who participated in my poll asking “Should colleges be “gun-free” zones?” 85% of the respondents said “No", with those split 60% saying the reason is that the possibility of someone on campus having a gun… more »

Poll results and new poll

In my prior poll, which asked “Do you believe the Tea Parties will lead to any sustained political activity by the day’s participants, or was it basically a one-time thing for the vast majority of them?", 75% of the 169 votes cast were… more »