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Black English and a Bad Saint Bernard

“A lot of people think Black English is just bad grammar, but that’s like saying that a cocker spaniel is a bad kind of Saint Bernard…” -- Columbia University Associate Professor of Linguistics John McWhorter It’s true: some people on Twitter… more »

My op-ed on Ravi/Clementi

I was very pleased to be contacted by USA Today on Thursday, asking me to write an opposing view on their take that the conviction and sentencing of Dharun Ravi was fair because society is becoming less tolerant of bias. (They had seen my American Spect… more »

A discussion with my conservative readers

Yesterday, I posted to these pages a blog note of 619 words on the subject of the politics of Obama's flip-flop-flip on gay marriage. Of these, four words were "as we should be" which I used in reference to the nation's getting more comfortable with hom… more »

Americans not as stupid as Obama thinks

A CBS News/New York Times poll shows that two thirds of Americans believe that President Obama's recent "evolution" on gay marriage was a political stunt while one quarter thinks his change was “mostly because he thinks it is right.” Amusingly, an… more »

The First Gay Ex-President

Barack Obama got the best of the gay marriage debate – for the first 24 hours. But like the Democrats' "war on women" rhetoric, it is already backfiring on him, as anyone outside the president's far-left echo chamber might have warned him. The first… more »

Can't we just get along?

Joe Lawler is almost right to say that I'm "less concerned with unborn babies and more concerned with electoral success." I am concerned with the electoral success of principled candidates, and by "principled" I probably mean the same thing on at… more »

Herman Cain's abortion libertarianism

Allow me to stipulate a few things before proceeding, with the complete understand that this note will annoy my more conservative readers: I am pro-choice I am against Roe v Wade and against government funding of abortion I believe that debating an… more »

Gay marriage meets immigration

A week ago, immigration judge Mimi Tsankov, basing her ruling on the Obama Administration's rapidly changing immigration policy, postponed deportation hearings for Sujey Pando, a Mexican citizen whose story is as sympathetic as the judge's ruling is… more »

Gay marriage this week

The more I read and think about criticisms of gay marriage, the less worried I am about it. Statistics bandied about by its opponents are hardly evidence, given the amount of time which the American family has been under siege -- far longer than… more »

Get the federal government out of marriage

I've written for years on these pages that I oppose gay marriage only to the extent of federal government involvement. More fundamentally, I believe any two people should have the right to make any contract they want to (as long as it doesn't infringe… more »