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Pot Lessons from Colorado

Often the first thing I’m asked when traveling outside of Colorado is a half-question half-joke about how many people in the state I now call home are stoned. Although I’m pro-legalization, I’ve never touched marijuana and it seems as if I’m not alone:… more »

Boulder Holidaze

If you're not a pothead (I'm not) and if you don't live near a pot mecca like Boulder, Colorado (I do), you might not know that today, 4/20, is something of a national holiday for marijuana devotees. It isn't, as urban legend would have you believe, be… more »

Ross hosting for Mike Rosen today

On this Independence Day, I'll have the privilege of sitting in for Mike Rosen on News Radio 850 KOA from 9 AM to Noon. You can listen over the airwaves throughout most of Colorado, and online at If you want to join the conversati… more »

LEGALIZE marijuana now!!!

H/T Mark Smither I have never tried an illegal drug or even a cigarette.  Never.  But the more I read and think and see about our nation’s “war on drugs", and particularly on marijuana, the more disgusted I am with the drug warriors who… more »

Tom Tancredo calls for marijuana legalization

On Wednesday, at a speech given to the Lincoln Club of Denver, former Congressman Tom Tancredo argued that the violence caused by the profits involved in the drug trade was good reason to consider legalization. Tancredo is hardly a social issues… more »