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An insightful and entertaining dollar commentary

For anyone interested in foreign currency markets and folk music, I highly recommend this: more »

Worldwide Elections: A Glass Half Full

The recent elections in Afghanistan, the current events in Ukraine where it appears that massively fraudulent results may be thrown out in favor of a re-vote, and the likelihood of elections next year in Iraq, show a hopeful trend for the world. I am… more »

The falling knife, a popular metaphor, draws blood

Hello all, It's the day after Thanksgiving, and I have much to be thankful for, though a strong dollar is not one of those things. The dollar is weaker again today with yet another scare of a medium-sized government purchaser of bonds (last time was… more »

Update on Catch the Falling Knife? (Dollar)

Last night the dollar briefly traded up, with the euro going under $1.30, and gold briefly fell to below $447/oz. But then the Russian government announced that they will "reexamine" their reserve balances, meaning that they probably plan to buy euros… more »

The Dollar: Catch the Falling Knife?

Catching a falling knife is a dangerous activity....and so is catching a falling financial asset. However, while the upside from juggling cutlery might seem very limited, there can be real rewards from contrarian trading. That said, it takes a strong… more »

Guns, Tobacco, and the Courts (A Return of Sanity?)

PUBLISHED in the Rocky Mountain News, 12/31/04,1299,DRMN_38_3435831,00.html Excerpt PUBLISHED in Forbes, 3/14/05 For those of us who… more »

Don't Get Too Excited About UN Reform

re:U.N. Staff Union Chides U.N. Management (AP, National, Nov 20) NY Times/AP: AFP: To the… more »

Powell's Resignation and Legacy

Re: "Good Soldier Powell", NY Times editorial, Nov 16, 2004 To the Editors: Your attack on Colin Powell's character is incomprehensible, and your major arguments are all false. First, Powell had a… more »

Responding to the cultural elitist

Re: CONFESSIONS OF A CULTURAL ELITIST, by Ted Rall Mr Rall, Having been born and Ivy League educated in a Blue… more »

What's wrong with Democratic Party economics

To the Editors: Re: Turning the Tax Tables to Help the Poor (Op/Ed 11/15/04) Dalton Conley’s suggestions for tax policy are a perfect example of why the Democrats lost the election so convincingly.… more »