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Re: Tug-of-war over Social Security (Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times, 12/30) To the Editors: Although Mr. Novak's discussion of transition costs is on target, the case for private ownership of… more »

Lobbying gets a bad rap

Re: Lobbying Tab Is $1.1 Billion for Half a Year (LA Times, Dec. 29),1,5352370.story To the Editors: While there are unsavory aspects to lobbying and its relationship to legislators,… more »
PUBLISHED in the Christian Science Monitor 12/31/04 Re: New Year's resolutions for the red and the blue (Christian Science Monitor, Opinion, 12/28/04)… more »
Re: The Bigger Problem, Washington Post Editorial, Dec. 27th 2004. To the Editors: It is a pleasure to see the Post come out against an entitlement program. After the Bush… more »
re: The GOP's Sabotage of Social Security (LA Times, Robert Scheer, 12/21),1,5260200.column?coll=la-util-op-ed To the Editors: re: The GOP's Sabotage of Social Security (Robert Scheer, 12/21)… more »

Don't buy into Krugman

Published in the NY Times on 12/18/04! Re: "Buying Into Failure", NY Times (Krugman) 12/17/04 To the Editors: Mr. Krugman is once… more »
To the Editors: Re: Social Security Reform, With One Big Catch (NY Times, Business, 12/12/04) Although the Social Security Trust Fund “is only allowed to hold” Treasury bonds, it does… more »
To the Editors: Re: Borrow, Speculate and Hope (Krugman, 12/10/04) Regarding Social Security reform, Paul Krugman says that if the government borrows money and if citizens invest in… more »
To the Editors: Re: Justices Hear Arguments on Laws Limiting Interstate Wine Sales (12/7/04) The longstanding prohibition by New York State of direct import of wine from other states is… more »
There's a very interesting story in the NY Times today discussing the world's largest holder of US Government bonds: the Japanese Treasury. They quote the head portfolio manager at the Finance Ministry as saying that he does not intend to pare his… more »


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