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The War Has Been Worth It

I’m often asked by friends who know I think about this stuff a lot: “Was the war in Iraq worth it?” Most of them know that I thought at the time of invasion that it was, on balance, the right decision. Most of them know I thought the Bush… more »

Iraqis rightly protest having Saturday off (says a Jewish guy)

Re: Iraq students protest having Saturday off (Miami Herald, 2/27/05) As a Jewish American I have to agree with the Iraqis who are complaining about Saturday being selected as their… more »

GOP should not compromise on Social Security reform

Re "GOP Seeking a Deal on Accounts" (Washington Post, Page 1, 2/27/05) Senator Graham's proposal guaranteeing that "low-income beneficiaries will do better under a new program than… more »

TABOR and the Colorado Club for Growth

Thanks to The American Kestrel for bringing this poll to my attention: Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Poll: Colorado voters are slowly recognizing that the state government is in a budget crunch, but they're still unwilling to let go of many aspects… more »

Rationality and Science vs. Intelligent Design

Re: Intelligent Design (Cincinnati Enquirer letters from readers, 2/20/05) Your many letters supporting teaching "intelligent design" alongside evolution is… more »

Update to Krugman and the AARP

Here's a link to an excellent piece by the Cato Institute's Alan Reynolds shredding the AARP's position on Social Security Reform. It's called "Myth Illogical" and the link is: more »

Krugman and the AARP

re: Kansas on My Mind (NY Times, Paul Krugman, Feb. 25) Mr. Krugman is doubly misleading in "Kansas on My Mind" arguing incorrectly that the Cato Institute has not explained how their proposal… more »

Colorado legislature joins the abuse-of-eminent-domain club

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 2/25/05 To the Editors: Re “Land Values Could Be Halved” (Denver Post article, 2/23/05)… more »

Scrap the Earned Income Tax Credit

Re: "A lifeline for low-income families" (Boulder Daily Camera, Insight, Feb. 20):,1713,BDC_2494_3559532,00.html The state and the federal governments should eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit.… more »

Medicine and the Nanny State

FDA panel votes to allow continued sale of Cox-2 inhibitors Vioxx Could Rejoing Painkillers on the Market Our Nanny State goes much to far in "protecting"… more »