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State Rep. Mark Larson responds to my position on the smoking ban

In response to my note a few days ago about the smoking ban likely to be passed in Colorado, State Representative Mark Larson, the House sponsor of the bill responded as follows. Although I don't agree with his position on this issue, I must give Rep.… more »

CO Senate passes a slightly watered-down smoking ban

Smoking limits singed,1413,36~61~2839887,00.html [This is a letter to a state Representative, not a newspaper editorial page.] To Rep. Mark Larson, Republican sponsor of the Colorado House version of this bill:… more »

Club For Growth new ads about Social Security

For those of you who know the Club for Growth, you'll be interested in Pat Toomey's latest message and the Club's new ads targeting Ben Nelson and Lindsey Graham. For those of you who don't know the Club for Growth, if you believe that limited… more »

A National Energy Policy: the real problem is that we have one

Re: Bush Gives Energy Plan Amid High Prices (Washington Post 4/27/05) To the Editors: The problem with our national Energy Policy is that we have one. President… more »

Excuse me, miss....didn't you have a beard yesterday?

Let me get one thing clear from the start: I am not homophobic. I have gay relatives and friends and have not even a thought of judging them in any way negatively about their sexual orientation. The Colorado State Senate has passed, on a party-line… more »

Ward Churchill: "What he deems as the truth"

PUBLISHED in the Colorado Daily 5/3/05 re: A four-way convergence (Colorado Daily, 4/27/05) In your article “A… more »

Harry Reid tried to repeal Social Security for himself and his friends...but not for you

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal for bringing this to my attention: In 1983, current Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid offered HR 3589, a bill to exempt all Federal employees, including members of Congress, from the Social Security… more »

Salazar's flip-flop: A DC winner but in Colorado???

PUBLISHED: Denver Post 4/27/05,1413,36%257E416%257E,00.html re: Salazar wins points in filibuster tussle,1413,36~33999~2836331,00.html To the Editors: Democratic organizations,… more »

Judicial compromise misses the point

re: Frist, Reid Work on Judge-Approval Deal A “compromise” about judicial nominees could be an important political victory for the Democrats, and misses the fundamental point: the… more »

The judicial filibuster: Republicans snatching ethical defeat from the jaws of victory

re: Frist Urges End to Nominee Filibusters (Washington Post, 4/25/05) To the Editors: When Republicans allow the judicial filibuster issue to be tied to Christian… more »
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