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Supreme Court deals another blow to property rights

PUBLISHED in the Washington Post, 6/9/05: re: Judicial Takings and Givings (Washington Post, 5/31/05)… more »

A differing opinion on Real Estate

My friend Brian Wesbury, one of the smartest economists I know, has a piece in today's Wall Street Journal in which he disagrees with views that there is a real estate bubble. As always, a subscription is required to read the piece, but if you have… more »

Dueling trends in residential real estate

see "April existing home sales at record high" and "Many Buyers Opt for Risky Mortgages" (Washington Post, 5/28/05) It was a week of dueling news stories about the housing market. First, statistics that housing prices and quantity of home sales… more »

Salazars won because Republicans played a bad game

re: Study dissects Salazars' winning ways (Rocky Mountain News, 5/30/05),1299,DRMN_15_3816606,00.html To the Editors: The study about how the Salazar brothers won misses the main and obvious… more »

French get it wrong even when getting it right

Although I’m not European, I was happy to see the French get one right, voting “Non” on the EU Constitution. In typical French style, however, they got it right mostly for the wrong reasons. The most reasonable opposition argument, but a minority of… more »

Democrats turn judicial compromise into a victory

re: Judicial Nominees Compromise Was Hard-Won (Washington Post, 5/28/05) New reports of Senator Harry Reid asking "moderate" Democrats within minutes of their agreement on… more »

Governor Owens' inconsistent day with the gay rights veto pen

re: Owens Vetoes Gay Rights Bill (Boulder Daily Camera 5/28/08),1713,BDC_16336_3813582,00.html To the Editors: I offer Governor Bill Owens a one-handed clap for his twin (fraternal not identical)… more »

Setting the record straight about hedge funds

See "Whose to Blame? Hedge Funds" and "Hedge Funds Are Stumbling but Manager Salaries Aren't" (both NY Times, 5/27/05) To the Editors: Your recent focus on hedge funds, including two articles on Friday (May 28, 2005), is interesting and concerning.… more »

Killing the goose that lays the (discount) golden eggs

PUBLISHED in the Washington Times (5/24/05): re: Ehrlich vetoes Wal-Mart bill on job benefits (Washington Times, 5/19/05)… more »

"Resonating Contrasts" between cultures, by Jay Ambrose

Jay Ambrose, former Washington director of editorial policy for Scripps Howard News Service, has written an article about the contrast between Middle Eastern Muslim behavior and Western behavior. You can read it here:… more »
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