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Travel Photos: Thimpu Tsechu (Bhutan)

Bhutan (the subject of one prior and several future travel postings) has fantastic festivals called "tsechus". The biggest is in April in the second-biggest city, Paro. The second-biggest tsechu is in October in the capital of Thimpu. I've actually been… more »

Taxpayer funded ceramic dildos? And you want to RAISE taxes?

see "State-funded sex-toy art upsets governor" (Denver Post & Channel 9 News, 7/21/05) This story has gotten a lot of play in the blogosphere in the past several days, but I can't keep from piling on.… more »

CAFTA passes despite intense union lobbying

see "Cafta Survives U.S. House Vote as Late Push Pays Off" (Bloomberg, 7/28/05) On Wednesday night, the House of Representative passed the Central American Free Trade… more »

Multiculturalism sows the seeds of destruction in England

see "One in four Muslims sympathises with motives of terrorists" (UK Daily Telegraph, 7/26/05) and "British Opinion Surveys from an… more »

Senate vote on Death Tax repeal coming soon; contact your Senator!

I received the following note from the National Taxpayers Union ( on Tuesday morning. I encourage you all to contact your Senators directly, or with the help of the number included below. ------------------------  … more »

Democrats' tactics on Roberts nomination benefit Republicans

re: "Democrats to delay Roberts hearings" (Washington Times, 7/26/05) To the editors: The Democrats’ plan to prolong the confirmation of John Roberts to the Supreme Court should have… more »

Another example of bipolar real estate markets

see "D.C. Area Housing Market Cools Off" (Washington Post, 7/25/05) and "Existing Home Sales Set Record in June" (AP via Yahoo, 7/25/05)… more »

AFL-CIO slowly but surely coming to its end

see " Teamsters, SEIU to bolt AFL-CIO as part of four-union rift" (AP via IHT, 7/25/05) and "AFL-CIO President Blasts Heads of Unions" (AP via Yahoo, 7/25/05)… more »

Supreme Court confirmation: The Democrats just don't get it

As we go into the approval process for President Bush's nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court, it is fascinating to see the Democrats trying to redefine the Senate's Constitutional role in the process. Watching Dick Durbin (D-IL), the… more »

Travel Photos: Hampi, India

The 14th century ruins at Hampi were once the seat of India's Vijayanagara empire, primarily in what is now the state of Karnataka, better known in the modern world for the high-tech city of Bangalore. Hampi is now a World Heritage site and still has… more »
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