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Independent Institute: Why people love Government

Here's a fascinating article from the Independent Institute: The People’s Romance: Why People Love Government (as Much as They Do) By Daniel B. Klein Why do some people never support a free-market proposal, even when they think it would work better… more »

More on Greenspan and housing

Thanks (again) to John Mauldin of Investors Insight for the following article. John writes a couple of fantastic newsletters which are available for free. I recommend you check out, and you can reach John at… more »

We're not in Kansas anymore....another reasonable reply to "Intelligent Design"

[I was out all day yesterday, so there's not a lot of original content in today's posting, but I trust you'll enjoy it anyway.} If you thought Wednesday's posting, the article from the Onion about Intelligent Falling, was funny then try this:… more »

Doctor in trouble for honesty; quality medical care less important than political correctness

[please note the important comment by KipEsquire following this posting as well as my response.] re "Doctor in trouble for telling patient she needed to lose weight" (AP via, 8/24/05)… more »

Travel Photos: Maldives, mostly underwater

Hello all, In the interest of getting an interesting posting up while not having to stare at a screen much more than I already have in the past days, this week's travel posting is mostly pictures. These are pictures which I took underwater in the… more »

Responding to a left-leaning economist on Social Security Reform

Thanks to KipEsquire for leading me to the following article: PGL at the Angry Bear has written a fairly non-sensical piece about the economics of Social Security which represents about the best the left has to offer. You can take a look at it here,… more »

Greenspan says housing boom "could end badly"

In his prepared speech at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Greenspan makes his strongest comments yet about the danger of the current housing market: Philadelphia Home… more »

Open letter to Hawaii State Senator about gasoline price caps

Dear Senator Menor, It's shocking to me that an elected official could be so blind to the lessons of history that he would support price caps. It is not as shocking when I see that you are a lawyer rather than an economist, but I would expect you to be… more »

Colorado'Tax raisers should be worried

re: "Poll on Nov. referendums shows waning opposition" (Denver Post, 8/24/05) To the Editors: While both polls you mention show a near tie in support and opposition to Referenda C and D, the important fact is… more »

Update on Hawaii gasoline price cap

following up on my earlier posting "Breaking news: Hawaii issues price controls on gasoline" see "Price cap may boost gallon of gas to $2.87 on Oahu" (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 8/24) and "Wholesale… more »
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