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Practicing economics without a license

re "State needs referendums to aid recovery" (The Fort Collins Coloradoan, 9/29/05) To the Editors: If an economist performed surgery on a patient, he… more »

breaking news: John Roberts confirmed as Chief Justice

The Senate has voted 78-22 to approve John Roberts as the 17th Chief Justice of the United States. The vote was slightly better than my earlier prediction of 72-28 in this blog posting. This confirmation was a walk in the park compared to what we'll… more »

With friends like this, who needs Democrats?

The Democrats must be laughing themselves to sleep every night lately as they watch the reputations of prominent Republicans all around them implode. Some, like Karl Rove (Plame-gate), have no smoking gun or even real likelihood of their having done… more »

I won't miss Justice O'Connor for new Campaign Finance cases

see "High Court Enters Campaign Finance Dispute" (AP via UK Guardian),1280,-5306538,00.html The absence of Sandra Day O'Connor and her replacement with whom I hope will be a more consitently… more »

August new home sales plummet; not everyone sees a dark cloud

My friend Brian Wesbury, one of the best economists around (in my opinion) does not see the same dark clouds around real estate that I do despite the terrible August new home sales figures and growing anecdotal evidence of inventory buildup and longer… more »

Judiciary Committee endorses Roberts; liberals still clueless on Constitution

See "Senate Panel Endorses Roberts's Nomination as Chief Justice" (NY Times, 9/22/05) The Senate Judiciary Committee strongly recommended John Roberts as the next Chief… more »

Senate passes "Coburn Amendment" to make pork spending more visible

Have a look at this posting at the NTU's blog site about the good guys winning one for fiscal transparency: more »

New London eminent domain victims (temporarily) dodge another bullet

INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 16, 2003 NLDC Backs Down, New London Property Owners Safe For Now But Push for Legislative Reform Continues Washington, D.C.-Bowing to an order by Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell,… more »

An invitation to the wrong guy

Hello from Mexico City, everyone. I received an e-mail from some people who are trying to gain support for the proposed economic poison known as Referenda C and D here in Colorado. Here is my response followed by the original e-mail to me.… more »

Going on vacation

Hello all, I'm on vacation in Mexico with Kristen, celebrating her birthday and our second anniversary...likely our last trip together before the birth of our first child (it's a girl) who should arrive in December! I will make the occasional post… more »
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