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Just when you thought Ref C supporters couldn't go any lower

re: "C backers say failure will swell homeless",1299,DRMN_36_4192739,00.html The big-spenders who support Referendum C, the largest tax increase in Colorado's history, have sunk to a new low in… more »

New anti-C ad

I love this new ad by the Colorado Club for Growth Check it out by clicking HERE For those of you who have seen the TV ad of Denver mayor John Hickenlooper parachuting solo while talking about why the government needs more of our money, it now seems… more »

Cato Institute weighs in on TABOR and Referendum C

Here is an excellent and insightful analysis of TABOR and Referendum C by Michael New and Stephen Slivinski of the Cato Institute. It's called "Dispelling the Myths: The truth about TABOR and Referendum C" Click on either link above to open the 12… more »

please read everything

Hello all, I've been posting more stories each day than usual because it's getting to crunch time on Referendum C. I hope you'll take a look at all of the stories, and not just the top 1 or 2, because they're not necessarily in order of importance.… more »

Help defeat Referendum C

For those of you who want to get involved in the grassroots effort to defeat the largest proposed tax increase in the history of Colorado, here are a few options for you: Join groups walking in various parts of the state on Saturday, October 29th, to… more »

Rossputin published in Daily Camera on Ref C

I'm pleased to report that my letter to the Boulder Daily Camera (from a few days ago) was published. story on my blog: Daily Camera link:… more »

Response to reader's email about mail-in ballots

Tom, I completely agree with your sentiments regarding the wording of Referendum C. In fact the "Without raising taxes" intro might be the basis for a challenge to the law if it passes, though it would be an uphill battle. However, as far as your… more »

Another view on government support for tax increases

Thanks to a reader for sending the following e-mail: I've lived here for twelve years and don't ever recall receiving a mail-in ballot. Last week, I received a mail-in ballot with Referendums C and D. I was shocked at the wording... "Without Raising… more »

Follow-up on Government funding tax increase campaign

Yesterday I posted what I thought was a very good piece about public institutions abusing taxpayers by spending our money to lobby for tax increases. I think it's an important article, but I posted two pieces about the Miers withdrawal shortly… more »

The smart money getting out of real estate

Here's a very interesting story of a big player in real estate putting his money where is mouth is, namely somewhere other than US real estate. Here's a sample of the article: "I feel totally safe playing polo on a field full of pros," says the… more »
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