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Yesterday's letter from Don Boudreaux to the Wall Street Journal is simply too good not to reprint here: 30 December 2005 Editor, The Wall Street Journal 200 Liberty Street New York, NY 10281 Dear Editor: While Thomas Stossel magnificently… more »
Yesterday, I received a reasonably thoughtful comment from the blogger at He's clearly a bit jaded and bitter, and hasn't posted a blog piece in a couple of months. I hate to see feelings like his, particularly in… more »

Bogus science reports of 2005

From and, here are two stories highlighting erroneous news reports of 2005 which posed as fact/science: see "The Top 10 Junk Science Claims of 2005" (Steven Milloy of on, 12/29/05)… more »
In response to my article "US-Mexico wall proposal highlights bad government on both sides of the border", I got a rather interesting comment from one "Jimmy Lago" who used an e-mail address making it clear he is Mexican. (I won't post his e-mail… more »
see "U.S. Nov. Existing Home Sales Fall to 6.97 Mln Rate (Update1)" (Bloomberg, 12/29) The continuing drip-drip-drip of slightly negative news about real estate suggests the end of… more »
CNBC reported yesterday that the Congress is looking at changes to the tax code which include two interesting items: Removing the limits on itemized deductions Eliminating the phase-out of the personal exemption for high-income earners Both of the… more »
Today the Mortgage Bankers Association reported that their index mortgage applications was down nearly 7% last week to the lowest level in nearly 4 years. This happened during a week of flat to lower interest rates. It's hard to know whether this is… more »
see "Death of a Giant" (Sydney Morning Herald, 12/28/05) and "Kerry Packer" (Bio/Obit, Telegraph UK, 12/27/05)… more »
see "New-Home Sales Dropped Last Month" (NY Times, 12/24/05) Last week, new home sales (in terms of quantity of houses) fell a dramatic 11%, the largest drop in 12 years, with inventories now… more »
It's high time that more people put away their PC fear of saying that minority groups often perpetrate evil...thanks to Mark Steyn, Sharon Lapkin and others for doing so.... more »

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