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Krugman supports socialized medicine because we're stupid people

re: "Medicine: Who Decides?" (Paul Krugman, NY Times, 12/26/05) [Note: Subscription to TimesSelect now required. Since it would be insane to spend $50 to read a socialist who hates… more »

Mainstream media avoids more good news

see "U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division finds 'large cache'" (Pravda, quoting AP, via, 12/21/05) A friend e-mailed me a story about the Army's 101st Airborne finding a large… more »

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas

To all my friends, family, and readers, we wish you a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, or if you prefer, just a great long weekend. From our family to yours, all the best.... Ross, Kristen, Lili, Elvis, and Roy more »

Readers' comments reveal much about immigration politics

I've had some interesting and thoughtful comments regarding my piece on the bad behavior of both the US and Mexican governments regarding immigration, as highlighted by the proposed wall. I would like to take a minute to re-post at least part of several… more »

Mark Hillman on Israeli lessons for Iraq

CAPITOL REVIEW: Israelis Understand Terror Struggle By State Treasurer Mark Hillman Since most Americans' closest encounter with a terrorist comes from a newspaper headline or the evening news, it's no wonder our collective resolve to confront… more »

US-Mexico wall proposal highlights bad government on both sides of the border

[Note: Please keep in mind when you read this piece that I understand Mexicans wanting to come to the USA. I think they bring substantial well as substantial American society. I support more aggressive enforcement of our… more »

Pirro won't challenge Hillary

The AP is reporting that Jeanine Pirro will give up her challenge to Hillary Clinton for the NY Senate seat up for grabs in 2006. She'll probably run (and probably lose) for Attorney General of NY. more »

Alaska's Bridge to Nowhere (except son-in-law's pocket)

Thanks to John Fund at the WSJ's Opinion Journal for finding this one Here's an incredible story from the Anchorage Daily News: "Bridge would help Young's son-in-law" (Anchorage Daily News, 12/18/05)… more »

More leftist college insanity

For those of you who may not be aware of existence, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education ("FIRE") is worth a look, both to see what they do and to contribute a few dollars. They are similar to one of my favorite organizations, the… more »

Intelligent Design loses again: Pennsylvania 1, Kansas 0

see "Federal judge: Intelligent design unconstitutional" (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/20/05) and "Judge Rules Against Pa. Biology Curriculum" (AP via Yahoo, 12/20/05)… more »
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