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Reason magazine warns against US weakening Kyoto stance

Here's a very good article by Ronald Bailey of Reason Magazine: "Beware the Climate Lilliputians Treaty ties that bind" Bailey notes that although he "once wrote that the Kyoto Protocol was dead", the… more »

Bush on shaky ground for Patriot Act reauthorization

PUBLISHED in the Washington Times, 12/19/05 re "Bush blasts filibuster of Patriot Act" (Washington Times, 12/18/05)… more »

Meet Lili Claire Kaminsky

Hello all, Kristen gave birth to our first child last night, a beautiful little girl whom we've named Lili Claire. She was born Friday afternoon and weighed in at a hefty 5 lbs 7 oz, actually bigger than anyone guessed she would be. Mother and baby… more »

Fish, mercury, and pregnancy

see "Junk Science on Mercury Debunked" (Heartland Institute, 12/12/05) Thanks to "Environment and Climate News", published by the Heartland Institute, for bringing to my attention the recent (and… more »

Senate stands up against the police state, barely

Senate Rejects Extension of Patriot Act (AP via Yahoo, 12/16/05) As I mentioned earlier, although it is heresy among some Republicans, I oppose much of the Patriot Act's provisions which… more »

Transferring civil rights from Americans to terrorists

see "McCain Wins Agreement From Bush on Torture Ban" (LA Times, 12/16/05),1,1001764.story?coll=la-headlines-nation and "Senate Republicans Seek Votes to Foil Filibuster on Patriot… more »

Beating annoying computer answering systems

This is just too good.... (Thanks to my friend BRH who is a self-professed "bad MF") more »

Is the Economist reading Rossputin about real estate?

see "Hear that hissing sound?" (Economist, 12/8/05) The Economist magazine takes this interesting look at world real estate prices and concludes that prices have probably peaked in the US,… more »

FrontPage mag article on Australian gang rapes

see "Muslim Gang Rapes and the Aussie Riots" (Sharon Lapkin,, 12/15/05) Ms. Lapkin makes it clear that while culture might explain some of the horrific behavior of muslims in… more »

Iraqi elections

Congratulations to the Iraqi people for their first election of a permanent government, with the major part of voting today. I hope it is not marred by violence or unnecessary controversy. more »
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