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Norman Podhoretz on "The American Panic"

Here is another article which in part puts Iraq into an American historical context. This one is by the truly brilliant Norman Podhoretz of Commentary magazine: "The Panic Over Iraq" (Norman Podhoretz, Commentary, January 2006)… more »

American historical context for Iraq Elections

Here's a great article from last week regarding today's elections in Iraq. Unfortunately, most Americans truly have little sense of history. "One finger at a time" (Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/11/05)… more »

Another example of UN anti-semitism

see "UN Ceremony Includes Map of ´Palestine´ in Place of Israel" (Arutz Sheva, 12/9/05) For some reason, few things about the Palestinian approach to "diplomacy" infuriate me as much as their maps… more »

An ambassador with something to be proud of

see "US envoy "worst ambassador in history": N.Korea" (Reuters via Yahoo, 12/14/05) Here's a great story about the US Ambassador to North Korea. One line from the story: "Ambassador… more »

A less optimistic forecast for Iraq

Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow at The Independent Institute (and formerly of the Cato Institute) has been a consistent critic of the war in Iraq. While I don't generally agree with him (about Iraq), he's a very smart guy and not to be taken lightly. In… more »

Quotes about the French military

Thanks again to my anonmyouse friend for this great stuff... "France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes." Mark Twain. "I would rather have a… more »

Salman Rushdie on mulitculturalism

"What this cultural debate needs is more dirt, less pure stupidity" (Salman Rushdie, Times Online UK, 12/10/05),,1072-1918306,00.html more »

Reason on excessive tolerance in Europe

Along with the theme of the past couple of days, I recommend this article from Reason Magazine: "Tolerance or Death! European culture leaders should smack down fanatical Islamists. Instead, they're bending over for them." (Reason, 11/30/05)… more »

Norwegian view on immigrant rapists

Thanks to my anonymous friend for pointing out this site Here is a Norwegian blogger, his site self-described as "A blog about Islam, Scandinavian affairs and global politics." (I do note that he plans to stop blogging soon...too busy I suppose. It's… more »

An Australian perspective on the rampage down-under

From an Australian friend of mine comes this commentary about the rioting by muslim (mostly Lebanese) immigrants in suburbs of Sydney: Hi Ross, Yes there have been some serious problems with the Lebanese here and it has recently boiled… more »
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