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Mark Hillman on life after Referendum C

Following is the latest analysis of what should be Colorado's legislative and budget strategy following the passage of Referendum C (the largest tax hike in state history.) My guess is that Mark's points are not too likely to be adhered to if the… more »

Muslim immigrant rampage in Australia

see "Armed gangs on rampage" (Sydney Morning Herald, 12/12/05) and "Australian Intifada?" (, 12/12/05)… more »

More on McCain vs. Giuliani

A couple of days ago, I posted a piece about McCain and Hillary being dead-even in a poll. I also mentioned Giuliani and his similarities and differences with McCain. Today, I see an interesting piece discussing a possible primary battle between McCain… more »

Responding to Mike's question about Iraq

thanks to my friend Mike for a good comment, which I have reposted here, followed by my answer: New comment on your post #674 "Sunday Morning TV and other thoughts." Author: Mike DePinto… more »

Congress about to subsidize digital TV converter boxes

See "Budget Reconciliation Guide for Conferees" (Heritage Foundation, 12/6/05) (See last paragraph before conclusion) and "Antenna Myths: Who's Really Watching Free TV?" (, 6/22/05)… more »

Another Sunday morning TV thought

David Brooks (NY Times write), speaking on Meet the Press, just had a GREAT line: "Power corrupts, which you can see in the Republicans, and powerlessness corrupts, which has made the Democrats fundamentally unserious." more »

Sunday Morning TV and other thoughts.

First, I'd like to point out a story in the Washington Times, the title of which is self-explanatory: "Anti-war drumbeat dividing Democrats" (Washington Times, 12/11/05). In the… more »

Travel Photos: Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

These pictures are from March, 2002... Some friends and I went up to the Banff area of Alberta, Canada for a ski/snowboard trip. We flew into Calgary (which we didn't get to explore but heard good things about), and drove a bit less than 100 miles… more »

Typing error costs Japanese bank $225,000,000

see "Probe into Japan share sale error" A broker at a Japanese bank who meant to offer one expensive share of stock reversed the price with the quantity and sold a massive quantity of stock (41 times the… more »

The nanny state back off biking, temporarily

see "Patrol postpones bicycle-event cap" (Colorado Springs Gazette, 12/3/05) After a flurry of protests, largely due to a wave of information across the internet, the Colorado State Police have… more »
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