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SEC fines...where does the money go?

Here's a great article by the Economist discussing how regulatory fines by the SEC and states often do not go to the investors who were harmed by the fineable action. It's not much different from allowing police departments to profit by confiscating… more »

McCain and Hillary tied in new what?

see "McCain, Hillary Clinton Would Face Close 2008 Race, Poll Says" (Bloomberg, 12/6) and political betting lines: Republican nominee Democratic… more »

Follow-up on today's tax vote

see "House Approves $56.6 Bln Tax Measure Extending Dividend Rate" (Bloomberg, 12/8/05) The House passed a measure extending the 15% tax rate on dividends and… more »

Congress to vote on tax cut extension

see "Tax-Cut Deadline Last chance for the 15% rate on cap gains and dividends." (WSJ Opinion Journal, 12/8/05) and "Bush renews call to extend tax cuts" (Boston Globe, 12/6/05)… more »

The world's least efficient digital clock

Thanks to my friend Steve H. for this great link: follow-up: Brian H just told me that this has been around forever and I must have been living in a cave not to have seen it… more »

Colorado may eliminate Denver's ethanol fuel program

see "Gas blend might change" (Denver Post 12/4/05) To the Editors: Colorado may finally have learned that correlation does not equal causality: Carbon monoxide levels dropped after ethanol rules were… more »

Brian Wesbury on gold vs. bonds as forecasters

Here's a very interesting article by Brian Wesbury in which he argues that today's higher gold prices are a better predictor of future higher interest rates than are today's low bond yields. I recommend reading the "Print Version" Claymore Monday… more »

French military history

Thanks again to a reader for this link with an excellent history of French military exploits: Check back Sunday for a great list of quotes on this subject! more »

Dems commit political masochism (and maybe suicide)

see "Dean: US Won't Win in Iraq" (WOAI San Antonio, 12/6/05) and "Obama: Iraq war splits Democrats" (Chicago Tribune, 12/6/05)… more »

Thanks to my anonymous friend (you know who you are) for this great one: Try this: 1. Go to 2- Type in "french military victories", without the quotes 3- Instead of hitting "Search" hit "I'm feeling Lucky" 4- Tell your… more »
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