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Palestinians taking common sense lessons from Kansas?

see "Palestinians Let Militants Back Into Gaza" (AP via Yahoo, 12/2/05) and "Abbas seeks to salvage flawed Fatah election" (AP via Yahoo, 11/30/05)… more »

Brian Wesbury with featured article at WSJ

Brian Wesbury writes another great piece about irrational pessimism about the economy. Pouting Pundits of Pessimism more »

Kansas professor proves no brains in Kansas after all

see "University Cancels Class on Creationism" (AP via Yahoo, 12/1/05) and my piece "The few remaining functional cerebrums in Kansas take a stand" (11/22/05)… more »

Anti-semites of the left and right

This piece from Wednesday's Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal e-mail is so good, I'm just going to cut and paste it. I recommend you sign up for their daily e-mail. --------------- Life Imitates David Duke David Duke was in Syria last week to lend… more »