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Follow-up on today's tax vote

see "House Approves $56.6 Bln Tax Measure Extending Dividend Rate" (Bloomberg, 12/8/05) The House passed a measure extending the 15% tax rate on dividends and… more »

Congress to vote on tax cut extension

see "Tax-Cut Deadline Last chance for the 15% rate on cap gains and dividends." (WSJ Opinion Journal, 12/8/05) and "Bush renews call to extend tax cuts" (Boston Globe, 12/6/05)… more »

The world's least efficient digital clock

Thanks to my friend Steve H. for this great link: follow-up: Brian H just told me that this has been around forever and I must have been living in a cave not to have seen it… more »

Colorado may eliminate Denver's ethanol fuel program

see "Gas blend might change" (Denver Post 12/4/05) To the Editors: Colorado may finally have learned that correlation does not equal causality: Carbon monoxide levels dropped after ethanol rules were… more »

Brian Wesbury on gold vs. bonds as forecasters

Here's a very interesting article by Brian Wesbury in which he argues that today's higher gold prices are a better predictor of future higher interest rates than are today's low bond yields. I recommend reading the "Print Version" Claymore Monday… more »