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Salman Rushdie on mulitculturalism

"What this cultural debate needs is more dirt, less pure stupidity" (Salman Rushdie, Times Online UK, 12/10/05),,1072-1918306,00.html more »

Reason on excessive tolerance in Europe

Along with the theme of the past couple of days, I recommend this article from Reason Magazine: "Tolerance or Death! European culture leaders should smack down fanatical Islamists. Instead, they're bending over for them." (Reason, 11/30/05)… more »

Norwegian view on immigrant rapists

Thanks to my anonymous friend for pointing out this site Here is a Norwegian blogger, his site self-described as "A blog about Islam, Scandinavian affairs and global politics." (I do note that he plans to stop blogging soon...too busy I suppose. It's… more »

An Australian perspective on the rampage down-under

From an Australian friend of mine comes this commentary about the rioting by muslim (mostly Lebanese) immigrants in suburbs of Sydney: Hi Ross, Yes there have been some serious problems with the Lebanese here and it has recently boiled… more »

Mark Hillman on life after Referendum C

Following is the latest analysis of what should be Colorado's legislative and budget strategy following the passage of Referendum C (the largest tax hike in state history.) My guess is that Mark's points are not too likely to be adhered to if the… more »