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FrontPage mag article on Australian gang rapes

see "Muslim Gang Rapes and the Aussie Riots" (Sharon Lapkin,, 12/15/05) Ms. Lapkin makes it clear that while culture might explain some of the horrific behavior of muslims in… more »

Iraqi elections

Congratulations to the Iraqi people for their first election of a permanent government, with the major part of voting today. I hope it is not marred by violence or unnecessary controversy. more »

Norman Podhoretz on "The American Panic"

Here is another article which in part puts Iraq into an American historical context. This one is by the truly brilliant Norman Podhoretz of Commentary magazine: "The Panic Over Iraq" (Norman Podhoretz, Commentary, January 2006)… more »

American historical context for Iraq Elections

Here's a great article from last week regarding today's elections in Iraq. Unfortunately, most Americans truly have little sense of history. "One finger at a time" (Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/11/05)… more »

Another example of UN anti-semitism

see "UN Ceremony Includes Map of ´Palestine´ in Place of Israel" (Arutz Sheva, 12/9/05) For some reason, few things about the Palestinian approach to "diplomacy" infuriate me as much as their maps… more »