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Mortgage slowdown or just the holidays?

Today the Mortgage Bankers Association reported that their index mortgage applications was down nearly 7% last week to the lowest level in nearly 4 years. This happened during a week of flat to lower interest rates. It's hard to know whether this is… more »

Kerry Packer: The world loses quite a character

see "Death of a Giant" (Sydney Morning Herald, 12/28/05) and "Kerry Packer" (Bio/Obit, Telegraph UK, 12/27/05)… more »

New home sales tumble in November

see "New-Home Sales Dropped Last Month" (NY Times, 12/24/05) Last week, new home sales (in terms of quantity of houses) fell a dramatic 11%, the largest drop in 12 years, with inventories now… more »

Another FrontPage mag article about muslim rapists

It's high time that more people put away their PC fear of saying that minority groups often perpetrate evil...thanks to Mark Steyn, Sharon Lapkin and others for doing so.... more »