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Congratulations to Google saying no to DOJ subpoena

see "Google refuses to give up data" (Washington Times, 1/20/06) Congratulations to Google for refusing to comply with a Justice Department subpoena for a "random sample" of a million web… more »

War games about Iran

Thanks to Christopher for pointing out this very interesting article from the Atlantic Monthly December 2004 issue about war-gaming how the US should deal with a potential Iranian nuclear threat. The article, from more than a year ago, seems all that… more »

A Cloudy Morning in America

re "Still Morning in America Reaganomics, 25 years later." (Wall Street Journal Editorial, 1/20/06) To the Editors: While it’s a feel-good story to talk about Reaganomics and its… more »

Not Roy Blunt!

PUBLISHED in the Wall Street Journal, 2/1/06 Re "Party of Limited Government Our record of accomplishment speaks for itself." (Rep. Roy Blunt in the Wall Street Journal, 1/19/06)… more »

National Journal's current vote-count for Majority Leader

From the Jan 20 issue of National Journal's CongressDailyPM With less than two weeks remaining in the battle among House Majority Whip Blunt, Education and the Workforce Chairman Boehner and Rep. John Shadegg of Arizona to replace former House Majority… more »

Bush at his best

Thanks to Steve H for sending this hilarious video.... Bush at his best more »

Shadegg for Majority Leader

re "Keep Politics Kosher: No Pork" (Wall Street Journal commentary by John Boehner, 1/17/06) To the Editor: As a not-particularly-religious Jew, I don’t keep Kosher. But if I decided to, I… more »

Shaddeg is best, but anyone but Blunt for Majority Leader

Over at the Human Events web site, both Larry Kudlow and Jack Kemp have written articles praising the candidacy of John Shadegg (R-AZ) for the position of Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. Here is Kemp's piece and here is Kudlow's piece.… more »

Top 10 Supreme Court cases to overturn

see "Top 10 Supreme Court Decisions That Should Be Reversed" Here, from Human Events Online, is an interesting list of Supreme Court cases which scream to be revisted and overturned. Although this… more »

RCP Blog on NY's Tax Reform Commission recommendations

see "The RCP Blog: New York State Commission Proposes Supply Side Tax Reform" ( 1/17/06) Here's a good piece on the blog about… more »
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