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Colorado Dems ponder universal preschool

I received a beginning-of-legislative-session e-mail from Andrew Romanoff, the Democratic Speaker of the House in the Colorado legislature. His very first proposal outlined in the e-mail is this: 1. Invest in early childhood education. Every child… more »

Oh good, more talk about Iran

Albert Einstein is often credited saying that the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Such a thought comes immediatly to mind when hearing that the UK, Germany and France are calling for… more »

Steve Moore on whether Republicans really care about reform

In Monday's Wall Street Journal, Steve Moore (one of my favorite free-market economists an a founder of the Club for Growth) has a good piece about the importance of the upcoming Republican leadership elections in the House of Representatives. see… more »

Alito delay is all about money

re "Alito's Senate hearings conclude; Democrats hint at delaying vote" (Chicago Tribune, 1/14/06),1,6054539.story To the Editor: Despite Democrats claim to need time to decide how… more »

Update from Bhutan

In case I haven't made in clear in prior postings, I think Bhutan is one of the world's great tourist destinations and I give it my highest possible recommendation for anyone who can afford the time and cost it takes to visit. A friend of mine in… more »

Educating "English language learners"

PUBLISHED in the Rocky Mountain News, 1/30/06,2777,DRMN_23966_4425681,00.html re "Blacks blast DPS plan" (Rocky Mountain News, 1/12/06)… more »

Watch this tonight! (Jan 13) "Stupid in America"

[from] Stupid in America At, John Stossel offers a preview of his special report, Stupid in America, which airs tonight on ABC. Stossel writes: "...we gave identical tests to high school students in New Jersey and in Belgium. The… more »

Lightening the Mood: Chuck Norris Facts

Thanks to Brian for this GREAT link: Chuck Norris responds HERE more »

Matt Welch: How far is too far in war on terror?

Matt Welch from Reason has written a few questions for his "pro-war libertarian" friends.... I'd be interested if my readers took a look and left comments here about how they answered Matt's questions. For the record, just as Matt said all his answers… more »

Interesting interview on illegal immigration

Here's a great interview from Arizona State Representative Russell Pearce, the former Chief Deputy for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Judge. He is one of Arizona’s and the nation’s most vigilant activists on illegal immigration,… more »
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