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An incredibly bad mixed metaphor

I had wanted to mention this a few days ago, and I can't even remember just what the issue was, but I recently heard the best (worst) mixed metahpor ever while listening to a politician on the radio: "They have just sent a lightning rod across the bow… more »

Mutual fund scoffs at "socially responsible investing"

I just ran across a mutual fund called the Free Enterprise Action Fund. Their self-description: "The Free Enterprise Action Fund is the first mutual fund to seek long-term capital appreciation through investment and advocacy that promote the American… more »

Additional references on evolution

As follow-up to yesterday's posting in which I responded to Christopher's illogical intelligent design arguments, here is some further reading material, both quotes and links: From Richard Dawkins in Natural History magazine: The misapplied argument… more »

AP writer demonstrates bias and math idiocy

see "Jobless Claims Plunge to Lowest Level in Five Years but May Overstate Job Improvement" (AP via Yahoo, 1/5/06) The AP put out an article on Thursday reporting that "that applications… more »

Two friends respond about Intelligent Design

In the interest of possibly getting more readers into a debate (even though I personally think there's little to debate about), here are two recent comments from friends of mine about Intelligent Design (aka creationism mythology). Yes, I realize that… more »

Republican rift is not about social issues

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post on 1/7/06 re: "Is Republican rift fixable?" (Denver Post, 1/5/06) To the Editor: While it makes for catchy press to emphasize… more »

The true evil of Pat Robertson

see "Robertson Links Sharon Stroke, God's Wrath" (AP via Yahoo, 1/5/06) Pat Robertson says that Ariel Sharon's stroke is a sign of god's enmity against those who would divide the land of… more »

Palestinians err when cheering for Sharon's demise

see "Sharon's Stroke Casts Shadow on Election" (AP via Yahoo, 1/5/06) and "Sharon's Stroke Will Hurt Kadima" ( 1/5/06)… more »

TCS on Indelligent Design

There's an interesting article at Tech Central Station about economists and intelligent design. You can read it here: "The Left’s Intelligent Design Problem" (TechCentralStation, 1/4/06) And here is my… more »

Palestinians kill Egyptian guards at border

see "Fatah gunmen kill 2 Egyptian border guards" (Jerusalem Post, 1/5/06) The border crossing between Egypt and Gaza got even messier yesterday as… more »
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