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Palestinians kill Egyptian guards at border

see "Fatah gunmen kill 2 Egyptian border guards" (Jerusalem Post, 1/5/06) The border crossing between Egypt and Gaza got even messier yesterday as… more »

Hypocrisy of the pious

I don't know why I get so much enjoyment from stories like this.... "Okla. pastor arrested on lewdness charge" (AP via Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1/5/06) follow-up--- My friend… more »

A truly brilliant piece by Mark Steyn

Although I'm not entirely comfortable with Mark Steyn's implications about abortion rights, still I find his piece "It's the Demography, Stupid" one of the best columns I've ever read. It's the Demography, Stupid The real reason the West is in danger… more »

Brian Wesbury on the US's non-negative savings rate

Brian Wesbury makes a convincing argument that the US savings rate is actually much higher than the usual statistics show. I agree with his point to a degree, but I think that people are asking for trouble when counting recent gains in the value of the… more »