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The fiscal disaster of the medicare drug benefit

Jacob Sullum of Reason has written this excellent piece about the devastation that Medicare in general, and the recently added prescription drug benefit in particular, will wreak on our Federal budget in the not-too-distant future: Prescriptions for… more »

RINO Dewine gets it wrong

Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH) (and I use the "R" very loosely) just said to Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito that he was concerned the Supreme Court does not give "enough deference" to the legislature. The example he gave was the Americans with… more »

If only it weren't true....

Thanks to my friend Mike for passing this along to me. I have not verified the source which is noted below, other than the check it out at (linked via book title below), so if you think these quotes come from elsewhere please let me know.… more »