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LA Times embarrassment

see John McIntyre at has picked up this jaw-dropping opinion piece from the LA Times, including this tripe of a clause: "I'm not advocating that we… more »

Political speech may not be dead

see "Supreme Court Avoids Ruling on U.S. Campaign-Finance Provision" (Bloomberg News, 1/23/06) Yesterday the Supreme Court sent back to a lower court a case regarding… more »

California housing market slowest in three years

see "California home market cools in December" (AP via San Jose Mercury News, 1/19/06) The newest piece of evidence about the housing market slowing, this time from California:… more »

BET: Global warming worse for blacks

see "Global Warming Could Spell Disaster for Blacks" (BET News, 1/18/06) BET presents us with one of the most baseless and racists propositions I've ever heard: Global warming will be… more »