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Brian Wesbury on the Jan 06 housing data

Data Watch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan Existing Home Sales By Brian S. Wesbury and Bill Mulvihill Date: 2/28/2006 Existing home sales fell 2.8% in January to 6.560 million units at an… more »

My letter in today's Washington Times

I'm very happy with my letter in the Washington Times today. Per my agreement with them, for a few days I will only have a link to it rather than posting the text here. Here's the link: Overturning bad precedents… more »

The logical conclusion of appeasement and cultural relativism

Little Green Footballs has a video of an Islamic demonstration in London during the cartoon furor. It is accurately described as "chilling". It is hard to imagine that the outcome of a generation of liberal criticism of all things Western and… more »

An excellent (and devastating) review of cultural relativism

Keith Windschuttle is a historian, author and publisher from Sydney, Australia. He has written many books and articles, and been a university professor of history, journalism, and social policy at several universities in Australia and the USA. His… more »

The Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test

A reader has passed along this link to his site which has an amusingly insightful take on peoples' political views. THE SATIRICAL POLITICAL BELIEFS ASSESSMENT TEST more »

Lili at two months

Hello all. I hope you had a great weekend. I'm taking a one-day break from posting on the various serious topics of the day, and I invite you all to take a look at the pictures of Lili Claire Kaminsky, who just celebrated two months on earth. You can… more »

NTU releases 2005 Rating of Congress

The National Taxpayers Union has released its 2005 rankings of how our Senators and Representatives voted on federal tax, spending and regulatory issues. It's worth a look to see how your elected representatives wasted or didn't waste your money: Here… more »

Government shows us what isn't working...but is still being paid for

The Federal Government has a web site called "" which lists programs it says are "performing" and "not performing". While it's great to see an acknowledgement of how many government programs either fail in the goals or don't demonstrate… more »

South Dakota passes ban on most abortions

see "South Dakota OKs a broad ban on abortions" (Washington Times, 2/25/06) The Governor of South Dakota has indicated that he is likely to sign a bill passed yesterday by the state House… more »

Book Review: "While Europe Slept"

A thought-provoking review (I can only imagine how intense the book is).... The review's conclusion: Bawer's must-read book, in tandem with others, opens our eyes to an inescapable… more »
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