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Mexicana Airlines: "Los Angeles is Now Ours"

Thanks to Peter Boyles of KHOW radio (630 AM in Denver) for bringing this rather disturbing (though not influential) editorial to our attention. It shows aggressive arrogance by Mexico and Mexicans of a sort that can only backfire on them here in the… more »

Bob Schaffer returns from a successful trip to Ukraine

I just wanted to let everyone know that former Congressman Bob Schaffer, whom I'm proud to call my friend, arrived back Wednesday night from his trip being an election monitor in the Ukraine. I don't do this often (i.e. recommend someone's writing… more »

Peggy Noonan on American self-respect and patriotism

The second half of this article is particularly good, discussing how political correctness has weakened the appreciation of America by Americans and immigrants alike: Patriots, Then and Now With nations as with people, love them or lose them. Peggy… more »

WSJ on Immigration and the party of Reagan

Immigration and the GOP Wall Street Journal March 31, 2006; Page A16 As Congress battles over immigration, the consequences are likely to be far greater than the details of border… more »

Another courageous Muslim speaks out

Thanks to Steve Emerson for passing along this excellent article 'Cancer in its midst' By M. Zuhdi Jasser, Washington Times March 30, 2006 During the dark days of our Revolution,… more »

Holtzman's hypocrisy continues

re "Running mate wasn't always on same page" (Denver Post, 3/26/06) To the Editor: How can Mark Holtzman keep a straight face? Last year he campaigned against Bob Beauprez by claiming that Beauprez had… more »

Americans are not anti-immigrant

re "Americans are anti-immigrant" (Opinion by Ruben Navarrette Jr., San Fransisco Chronicle, 3/29/06) Ruben Navarrette Jr.’s accusation that Americans are… more »

Holtzman the Liar

re "Beauprez, Holtzman square off" (AP via Denver Post, 3/17/06) Mark Holtzman criticizes Bob Beauprez for not being loud enough in opposition to Referendum C. Yet, that’s the same Holtzman who previously accused Beauprez of flip-flopping on the issue.… more »

Political music to my ears from Jeff Crank

Last night I co-hosted a "meet and greet" for Jeff Crank who is campaigning for the GOP nomination for Colorado's 5th Congressional District, the seat being vacated by Joel Hefley. Congressman Hefley held the seat for 20 years and endorsed Jeff last… more »

Bob Schaffer reports from the Ukraine

Former Congressman Bob Schaffer became interested in Ukranian politics while in office. He went there several times and has learned to speak the language (at least a bit). Bob was in the Ukraine during the Orange Revolution and has returned to be an… more »
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