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Legalize Prostitution

Guest Posting by Mike DePinto Few laws contradict the libertarian philosophy more than the prohibition of sex for money. Two consenting adults engaging in a non-violent act in a private setting should not have to fear the government incarcerating them,… more »

The Bright Side of Higher Oil Prices

Guest Posting by Mike DePinto For years now, liberals and environmentalists have moaned about the impending destruction of the world from global warming and pollution and touted the importance of moving away from fossil fuels towards “green” fuel and… more »

More misplaced claims of oil company greed

This letter is similar to one I sent to the Boulder newspaper yesterday... re: "Exxon Posts $8.4 Billion Q1 Profit" (LA Times, 4/27/06),0,2750164.story? The current cries of oil company “greed” are… more »

The "big oil" witch-hunt

re "Senate panel demands oil co. tax records" (AP via Boulder Daily Camera, 4/26/06) To the Editor: The demands for oil company tax records represent the sort of populist… more »

Why the Democrats won't win the House

Here's a very interesting article by Jay Cost of Jay discusses the history behind changes in control of both houses of Congress and some possible explanations, all of which leads him to conclude that a change of control in the… more »

There is no price gouging in competitve markets

re "Bush pledges action to root out gas price gouging" (LA Times, 4/25),0,2141131.story To the Editor: There is no more price gouging in gasoline than in real estate or any other… more »

Is the "reconquista" a fringe idea?

PUBLISHED in the Washington Times, 4/17/06. see "Mexican aliens seek to retake 'stolen' land" (Washington Times, 4/16/06)… more »

Oil prices and economic illiteracy

One can hardly read or listen to any mainstream media without hearing a talking head ask at least one of the following questions: 1) Don't gas prices mean that oil companies are "gouging" consumers? 2) Don't oil company profits mean that the companies… more »

As if Muslim rhetoric weren't disturbing enough

see "Islamists’ message to Israel at New York City rally: 'The mushroom cloud is on its way!'" Steve Emerson, The Counter-Terrorism Blog Steve Emerson of the Investigative… more »

Sudan: A Terrorist Nation

Sudan: A Terrorist Nation Guest Posting by Mike DePinto Osama Bin Laden provided yet another reason why the United States needs to send troops to the Sudan. In a tape authenticated by American intelligence officials, Bin Laden allied himself with the… more »
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