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Washington Times: Dem majorities in Congress unlikely

I'm not as sanguine about the GOP's chances as Doug Lambro in his article, "Takeover of House, Senate not likely" (Washington Times, 5/30/06) He is absolutely right that there are… more »

Marriage Amendment is hypocritical pandering

Here's an excellent article by Jonathan Rauch of the National Journal explaining why the few arguments for the Marriage Protection Act are bogus and hypocritical. I agree fully.... Gay Marriage Amendment: Case Closed Jonathan Rauch, National Journal,… more »

Paying taxes to the UN?

Guest posting by Christopher Sanders see "The United Nations in your wallet" by Sally McNamara,, 5/26/06 It is not enough that our own homegrown socialists… more »

Animated editorial cartoon: No Place Like Home

Thanks to NYC Mike for passing this along. It's about as amusing as politics gets these days:,0,5531570.flash more »

A small win for taxpayers

see "US to repeal federal long-distance phone tax" Reuters, 5/25/06 Victories for taxpayers are so few and far between these days that even a small one deserves mention. Last week,… more »

The Immigration Briar Patch

The Democrats continue to play Br’er Rabbit in the immigration debate, quietly yet certainly pleading “please don’t throw me into the briar patch” of immigration reform. The Republicans have turned the issue from a likely neutral or positive into an… more »

Why Colorado needs a Republican governor

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 6/2/06 re "Record number of vetoes for governor" (Denver Post, 5/26/06) To the Editors: While lamenting Governor Owens vetoing bills… more »

Thomas Sowell on the Senate Immigration Bill

Here's an excellent article (as usual) by Thomas Sowell at Sowell makes many of the points which represent why I, as a relative moderate on immigration, do not support the Senate's excessively lenient and dangerous Bill:… more »

National Journal in depth on competitive House races

For those of you who are interested in really inside-the-beltway political insight, here's a piece from the National Journal's Congress Daily report discussing the 25 most competitve House races for November and why they give the Democrats reason for… more »

Not our first real estate bubble

For those interested in the current real estate bubble, or just some interesting economic history, this story by Jim Grant is a must: "Mankind's bubble gene" (Grant's Interest Rate Observer) more »
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