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Supreme Court rules againt Guantanamo tribunals

In a 5-3 decision overturning the DC Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court has ruled that an Al Qaeda terrorist (Hamdan, in this case) can not be tried by a special military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. Justice Roberts recused himself because he was on… more »

The implications of Texas' redistricting

see "Texas map ruling spurs gerrymandering" (Financial Times, 6/28/06) The Supreme Court, in one of its most convoluted and complicated decisions in recent memory, upheld most of… more »

I wouldn't want to be them....

see "Russia 'to kill Iraq kidnappers'", BBC News, 6/28/06 A muslim terrorist group in Iraq kidnapped and killed 4 Russians last week, after demanding a Russian pullout from Checnya and a release of… more »

Holtzman gets back to business

see "Holtzman out, backs Beauprez State high court ruling ends wild run for governor" Rocky Mountain News, 6/23/06,2808,DRMN_24736_4796142,00.html After an "interesting" run for a spot on the… more »

Mitch McConnell defends the Constitution again

see "Senate Rejects Flag Desecration Amendment" (AP via ABC News, 6/27/06) Thanks to three, yes only three, Republican votes, the Senate defeated an attempt to amend the Consitution to allow Congress… more »

Correction on Supreme Court campaign finance ruling

In my June 26th article about the Supreme Court's decision overturning Vermont's campaign finance laws, I made a fairly big error in my initial reading of Justice Stevens's opinion in the case. He wrote that he had reconsidered part of the Buckley… more »

Bush issues mediocre Executive Order on eminent domain

Last Friday (6/23), President Bush issued an Executive Order prohibiting any Federal government agency or department from taking land by eminent domain power unless the owner receives just compensation and the land is truly for public ownership, public… more »

Victor Davis Hanson thinks the Dems won't win in November

Here's an interesting piece, though not exactly full of new information, about why some think the Democrats won't capitalize on Bush's and Congress's low approval ratings: Why the Dems don't have a chance of winning Victor Davis Hanson, Chicago… more »

Brian Wesbury on May new home sales

Today's report on new home sales was much stronger than expected in terms of homes sold, although the median price fell. The National Association of Realtors says that the margin of error in this report is so large that they would not put a lot of… more »

Is free speech making a comeback?

In a decision released today in the case of Randall et al v. Sorrell et al, a divided Supreme Court invalidated Vermont's strictest-in-the-nation campaign finance laws. The Vermont laws included some provisions which exceeded restrictions in many other… more »
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