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Hugh Hewitt supporting Jeff Crank

In the past couple of days, Hugh Hewitt has posted a few pieces on his blog about why he is supporting Jeff Crank for Congress in CO-5. It's worth reading, especially for social conservative voters in the district. In order of posting time, most… more »

Doug Lamborn: the more you know the less you like

In the Republican primary for Colorado's 5th Congressional District, there are three apparent main contenders: Jeff Crank, Doug Lamborn, and Lionel Rivera. Rivera, the mayor of Colorado Springs, is fading fast and I do not believe he has much of a… more »

No Time for "Peace"

Israel surprised much of the world by not launching a substantial ground invasion of Lebanon last week. While many of us assumed that the IDF had a strategic surprise up their sleeves, an unusually-timed devastating assault on Hezbollah, it now seems… more »

Don Boudreaux on dollar balances

The idea that a trade deficit is the functional equivalent of a budget deficit is a persistent and incorrect concept. Don Boudreaux tackles this misunderstanding again: ------------------------------- The horse is still galloping - and I'm still… more »

Wal-Mart leaving Germany

see "Wal-Mart Announces Sale of German Business" (PRNewswire, 7/28/06) Wal-Mart is selling its 85 stores in Germany after trying for nearly a… more »

Reason in Amsterdam

The Reason Foundation (publisher of the excellent Reason Magazine) is having a three-day conference in Amsterdam from August 23-26. Guest speakers and attendees include Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park) and Andrew Sullivan, as well as… more »

Climbing the wall of worry

Following my worried post a week ago, thinking that the market would fall because of the situation in the Middle East and fears of a slowing economy, the market has put in its best week in over 18 months. Luckily, I didn't lose money being wrong.… more »

More analysis of the housing slowdown

The Washington Times has this interest, albeit more qualitative than quantitative, analysis of the continuing slowdown in the residential real estate market in the US: see "Housing prices at a standstill" (Washington Times, 7/28/06)… more »

Chicago passes "Big Box" minimum wage law

re "'Big-box' wage law passes" (Chicago Tribune, 7/27/06),1,7029868.story? To the Editor: The “big-box” wage law represents one of the major problems with Chicago politics, and… more »

a small vote against eminent domain abuse

From the Institute for Justice Friends: I emailed earlier with a request to help turn the tide in a poll being conducted by the Cincinnati Enquirer about the landmark Ohio Supreme Court decision issued yesterday. We're starting to narrow the gap, but… more »
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