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In the past couple of days, Hugh Hewitt has posted a few pieces on his blog about why he is supporting Jeff Crank for Congress in CO-5. It's worth reading, especially for social conservative voters in the district. In order of posting time, most… more »
In the Republican primary for Colorado's 5th Congressional District, there are three apparent main contenders: Jeff Crank, Doug Lamborn, and Lionel Rivera. Rivera, the mayor of Colorado Springs, is fading fast and I do not believe he has much of a… more »

No Time for "Peace"

Israel surprised much of the world by not launching a substantial ground invasion of Lebanon last week. While many of us assumed that the IDF had a strategic surprise up their sleeves, an unusually-timed devastating assault on Hezbollah, it now seems… more »
The idea that a trade deficit is the functional equivalent of a budget deficit is a persistent and incorrect concept. Don Boudreaux tackles this misunderstanding again: ------------------------------- The horse is still galloping - and I'm still… more »

Wal-Mart leaving Germany

see "Wal-Mart Announces Sale of German Business" (PRNewswire, 7/28/06) Wal-Mart is selling its 85 stores in Germany after trying for nearly a… more »

Reason in Amsterdam

The Reason Foundation (publisher of the excellent Reason Magazine) is having a three-day conference in Amsterdam from August 23-26. Guest speakers and attendees include Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park) and Andrew Sullivan, as well as… more »

Climbing the wall of worry

Following my worried post a week ago, thinking that the market would fall because of the situation in the Middle East and fears of a slowing economy, the market has put in its best week in over 18 months. Luckily, I didn't lose money being wrong.… more »
The Washington Times has this interest, albeit more qualitative than quantitative, analysis of the continuing slowdown in the residential real estate market in the US: see "Housing prices at a standstill" (Washington Times, 7/28/06)… more »
re "'Big-box' wage law passes" (Chicago Tribune, 7/27/06),1,7029868.story? To the Editor: The “big-box” wage law represents one of the major problems with Chicago politics, and… more »
From the Institute for Justice Friends: I emailed earlier with a request to help turn the tide in a poll being conducted by the Cincinnati Enquirer about the landmark Ohio Supreme Court decision issued yesterday. We're starting to narrow the gap, but… more »

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