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Lightening the Mood: The Hollywood Squares

Thanks to Christopher for sending this along If you remember the original Hollywood Squares and its comics, this will bring a tear to your eyes. These great questions and answers are from the days when game show responses were spontaneous and clever;… more »

Follow-up on the Pope and Islam

Following an article last week by guest author "Aeodatus" about Muslims again missing the point regarding the Pope's speech, I received a comment from a reader and then a response to that reply from Aeodatus. I think the discussion is informative:… more »

The Economist should do better....

re "The dark side of debt" (The Economist, 9/21/06) Sir -- I expect better work from the Economist, particularly about financial markets, than you displayed in "The dark side of debt".… more »

The evidence on Dems and Walmart

Following my recent posting about WalMart again benefiting the public with their $4 generic drug program, a reader who calls himself "Thinker" sent me a comment which ended with this question: "Why do you say that attacking Wal-Mart is one of the… more »

Pueblo Chieftain endorses Mark Hillman

The following letter is from the Hillman campaign. For the record, I'm a big supporter of Mark Hillman. I think he's one of the best Colorado has to offer and I would vote for him without hesistation for any office he runs for. ------------------… more »

"Secret" Iranian nuclear suspension?

In what I found a rather amusing news headline to wake up to, the Washington Times is reporting that "Iran is close to an agreement that would include a suspension of uranium enrichment but wants the deal to include a provision that the temporary halt… more »

Walmart $4 drug program update

According to the WalMart website, the $4 generic drug program is starting in Tampa, is then expected to be rolled out in the rest of Florida by January, and then nationwide as quickly as they can. Here is their press release about it. And here is the… more »

Existing home prices from for first time in 11 years

see "Existing-home prices fall for 1st time in 11 years" (, 9/25/06) The National Association of Realtors August survey… more »

Don Boudreaux on protectionist politicians

This letter by Don Boudreaux is too good not to pass along... --------------- Politicians make me sick. Don ............................. 23 September 2006 Editor, The Baltimore Sun Dear Editor: Let's reveal the ugly… more »

Wal-Mart benefits the public again

see "Wal-Mart Will Offer Generics At Just $4, Roiling Drugstores" (IBD, 9/21/06) In a tremendous demonstration of market power and benefit to consumers, Wal-Mart has… more »
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