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John Kerry sticks his foot in it again

Update: After hearing Kerry's explanation that it was a botched joke, and that he meant to say that President Bush didn't make the most of his education and therefore "got us stuck" in Iraq, I actually believe Kerry that that's what he intended to say.… more »

Michael J. Fox loses credibility

I was going to mention this on Sunday, but it slipped my mind: I watched George Stephanopolous interview Michael J. Fox on the ABC Sunday Morning political show during which Fox was acting as a shill for the Democrats while denying that's what he is… more »

Did I call the end of Webb's chances too early

A poll released today has Jim Webb leading George Allen in Virginia... I would still be surprised if Allen loses, though not hugely surprised as I expect this… more »

Colorado Election recommendations, part 1 (Candidates)

While I am tempted to avoid the polls on Election Day due to my disgust with the recent performance of the Republican Party, both in Congress and in Colorado, I’ve decided that the risk of the current Democrat leadership (again, at both the Federal and… more »

Telegraph UK: How the neo-cons lost the war

This article in the UK Daily Telegraph is one of the most damning I've seen about how the US handled Iraq and the potential long-term damage from the war. These articles give me no satisfaction, as I supported going into Iraq. But the way the… more »

Reason on the Internet gambling ban

I'd like to recommend to you an article by Reason's Radley Balko discussing the federal ban on internet gambling which was snuck into a port security bill in the recently-ended Congress. Balko argues it's just one more reason for people to stop… more »

Caplis abandons Ritter for the wrong reasons

After hearing Dan Caplis talk about his unendorsement of Bill Ritter, I eagerly anticipated reading his opinion piece on the Rocky’s web page. Why was Caplis switching? Could it be Ritter’s outrageous plea bargain for a heroin dealer? Could it be… more »

Why is the libertarian vote up for grabs?

Clive Crook at the National Journal wrote one of many recent articles by pundits about "The Neglect of Libertarians". It's a decent article, if not earth-shattering. Following is an email I sent Mr. Crook in response to his article: Dear Mr. Crook,… more »

Salon interview with Camille Paglia

Camille Paglia, no friend of classical liberalism, has a remarkably good analysis of the current political situation in an interview at (The web page version, rather than the… more »

Serious trouble for GOP in rural America

A new survey by the Center for Rural Strategies shows substantial erosion of GOP support among rural voters. The war in Iraq was cited as the most important issue by 38% of the respondents in the poll which "was conducted Oct. 22-24 among 500 likely… more »
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