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2006 hurricane season far milder than predictions

In April, two respected climatologists at Colorado State University, Philip Klotzbach and William Gray, released their 2006 hurricane forecast in which they called for "another very active Atlantic basin tropical cyclone season in 2006. Landfall… more »

Reason's compilation of Milton Friedman

Here's David Nott's (President of the Reason Foundation) statement about Milton Friedman, followed by some links to Friedman at Milton Friedman, Champion for Liberty Milton Friedman, one of the most influential thinkers and economists of… more »

Housing continues to crater

This morning the Commerce Department reported that October Housing Starts came in at 1.486 million units, about 12% below economists' forecasts and the lowest level in over 6 years. Permits for new construction also came in about 6% below forecasts.… more »

Party leadership elections a good sign for GOP

In the Senate, Mississippi Republican Trent Lott won back a leadership post several years after having to step down as party whip following a toast to Strom Thurmond which was perceived as racist. My take was that Lott was railroaded by the forces of… more »

A great loss: Milton Friedman passes away

One of the greatest supporters of liberty ever to live, the Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman, has passed away, at the age of 94. For those of you who don't know about Milton Friedman, I strongly suggest you buy and read "Free to Choose".… more »

Fox News picks up my article on "The Libertarian Effect"

I'm pleased to report that my recent piece called "The Libertarian Effect" was picked up by Fox News:,2933,229439,00.html more »

Jim Webb: Economic Moron or just a Democrat?

re "American Workers Have a Chance To Be Heard" Jim Webb, Wall Street Journal, 11/15/06 (Subscription required) Senator-elect Jim Webb’s editorial demonstrates just… more »

Report: Peak oil theory is faulty

About 18 months ago, I wrote an article responding to a book by James Howard Kunstler claiming that world oil supplies and reserves have peaked, and that the world has a measurable probability of simply running out of energy. I noted that Kunstler was… more »

Free Kareem

Please take the time and effort to help Tom Palmer fight for the freedom of a courageous freedom-loving blogger in Egypt. Click the following link to learn more: The following is my letter to the… more »

As Islam strives to earn our derision

Yet another example of silly if not psychotic Islamic reactions to the daily life of civilized people: Is Apple Computer Insulting Islam? by Kemal Silay, TCS Daily 11/14/06 more »
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