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Reasons for GOP optimism

Yesterday, I discussed my view that most GOP optimism was too much, too early, and based on flimsy foundations. Today I'd like to go over a few reasons for possibly legitimate optimism by the GOP: First, the Democratic Party is probably not smart… more »

As Nancy Pelosi shows her true colors

Many Americans don't really know Nancy Pelosi, in particular that she is one of the most liberal members of the House. In my view, given the Democrats new found control of the House, she is a liability for the Democratic Party. I was going to save this… more »

GOP optimsim is too much, too early

There is a lot of optimism out there among Republicans that for various reasons last week's election results create a range of opportunity for the GOP to capitalize on in the 2008 election. This optimism is far too early, and with little substantial… more »

Lightening the Mood; Men and Dear Abby

Thanks to Robert B for passing this along... Why is it that letters from men rarely make it into the Dear Abby column? The erudite and secretive Editorial Board of the Thought for the Day was pondering this great mystery of life and went scrounging… more »

The Libertarian Effect

[This piece also ran at] In one closely-watched Congressional race (Sodrel v Hill, IN-9) and two critical Senate races (Missouri and Montana), the Republican candidate was defeated by fewer votes than the Libertarian candidate… more »

Rossputin on the radio this afternoon

I'll be guest hosting for Luke Shiltz on NewsTalk 1310 KFKA in Greeley, Colorado, from 4 PM to 6 PM Mountain Time today (Friday, 11/10). I'll be talking about the election, global warming, health care, and more. If you're not in radio wave range, you… more »

Mike Pence for Minority Leader

Although the election results were in very large part a referendum on Iraq, I am certain that the GOP would have at least held the Senate had they not been so wasteful with our money, so stupidly pandering to the religious right, and so incapable of… more »

So many thoughts, so little time

There are so many issues I want to write about, regarding the election, but I don't have the time today to go in depth. So, let me just give a few bullet points for you, my readers, to ponder, and I'll write more about some or all of them over the next… more »

Stratfor on the Rumsfeld Resignation and Iraq

Back to Iraq By George Friedman, Stratfor The midterm congressional elections have given the Democrats control of the U.S. House of Representatives. It is possible -- as of this writing, on Wednesday afternoon -- that the Senate could also go to the… more »

Rumsfeld is gone, replaced by Gates

President Bush is announcing that Robert Gates, former CIA director, will replace Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. I believe that if this announcement had been 3 days ago, the Republicans would still have control of the Senate. more »
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