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Economy hums along, mainstream media is silent

There were two economic reports today on the employment situation which the GOP should (but, if history is any guide they won't) trumpet the benefits of the Bush tax cuts and the risks to the economy of a Democrat takeover of Congress. In particular,… more »

Union front group ACORN indicted for voter fraud

The ultra-liberal activist group ACORN, long known to be little more than a front group for union-sponsored election fraud, has had 4 of its workers indicted in Kansas City, Missouri, for intentionally filing fraudulent voter registrations. Two stories… more »

Ref C and economic illteracy in the media

This letter was sent to the Rocky Mountain News by my friend Mike Williams: Your front page story, Ref C tax windfall (Oct 31), proves again the bias and/or economic illiteracy of your paper. The article focuses on the additional revenue now being… more »

A great letter about Democrat rhetoric

I just read one of the best, if rather tongue-in-cheek, letters to the editor of the Rocky Mountain News that I've seen in some time: A glossary for those voting Democratic: Working people - Union members employed by the government. Hate crime -… more »