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The end of another year

2006 was quite a year for me. My wife Kristen and I bought and moved into a new house. It was the first full year of having our daughter, Lili, who was born last December. It was the first full year of my new trading business which was also born last… more »

FDA rules that food from cloned animals is safe

On Thursday, the FDA released a Draft Risk Assessment stating that milk and meat from cloned cows, pigs, and goats were "as safe to eat as the food we eat every day". (They did not include sheep because they did not have enough data, but presumably the… more »

Saddam executed...but so what?

[Update: It is not for children or the squeamish, but a video of Saddam's execution can be found here:] This morning (Iraq time) Saddam Hussein was executed for crimes against humanity.… more »

CEI videos rebutting Al Gore's non-truth

Thanks to Guillermo for sending along this link to his web page where he has collected videos produced by the Competitive Enterprise Institute which rebut Al Gore's environmental idiocy point by point. Guillermo sent the link as a comment to my prior… more »

Articles about the real inconvenient truth

As I am spending hours and hours trying to plow my driveway during this blizzard, I haven't had time to write one of my usual excellent and incisive articles. Instead, let me refer to you to a reading list kindly provided by reader Bob M. of articles… more »

Does Iran actually need nuclear power?

see "The Iranian petroleum crisis and United States national security" Roger Stern, Johns Hopkins University Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, December 2006 In his… more »

Death to earmarks!

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 12/28/06 re "GOP Congress hit Colo. hard by not passing budget bills" (Denver Post, 12/26/06)… more »

The UN is not credible as a corruption fighter

re "Escaping corruption's global grip" (Christian Science Monitor, 12/26/06) To the Editor: While any global movement opposing corruption would be most welcome, current trends are probably less than… more »

Iraq court rules Saddam must be executed within 30 days

Iraq's High Court today upheld the death sentence imposed on Saddam Hussein and said that it must be implemented within 30 days. The chief judge said that the sentence could be carried out any day beginning tomorrow (Wednesday), and that no further… more »

Remember the past, lest we repeat it

Thanks to Neil for sending along this important message: more »
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