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The Freak on destructive entitlements

The following note by The Freak was originally posted as a comment to a prior blog piece, but it's so good it deserves a posting of its own. ----------- First, let me state that I don’t take personal offence at what people write unless they make… more »

Dershowitz: Ex-President (Carter) for Sale

In an article called "Ex-President for Sale", Alan Dershowitz describes Jimmy Carter's intentional anti-Israeli errors in his recent book and digs into the Arab financing for the Carter Center. In his next installment, "Ex-President for Sale, Part… more »

A budget conversation pointless with Democrats

re "State fiscal process needs major overhaul" Denver Post editorial, 1/28/07 To the Editor: While a “conversation” might be appropriate to deal with Colorado’s maze of budgetary Constitutional… more »

US military authorized to kill Iranian operatives in Iraq

I missed this story on Friday, but ran across it while perusing the blog of Kevin McCullogh at It is quite incredible that we have let the Iranians get away with indirectly killing Americans (and Iraqis) in Iraq… more »

Responding to a Communist on American values and revolution

re "Resistance on side of right" (Letter to Boulder Daily Camera, 1/27/07) Cord Macguire’s letter describing his support of the “Iraqi resistance”, i.e. murderers of mostly civilians,… more »

Rusty fires back

A reader of this site, Bob, posted a comment to a guest posting by my friend Rusty. Rusty, who takes this particular subject extremely seriously as his son is about to embark on his second tour of duty in Iraq, takes serious issue with Bob. I… more »

One more reason for Jews to stop supporting Democrats

Thanks to Christopher for sending this along This news story puts into further perspective Jimmy Carter's most recent ant-Semitic book, about which I have recently posted a couple of articles. The article further shows, or at least implies, that… more »

Gates (not Bill) agrees with Rusty's article

My guest writer, Rusty, has some good company in his description of the Senate's resolution opposing President Bush's troop buildup. See "Gates: Iraq resolution 'emboldens' enemy" (AP via Yahoo, 1/26/07)… more »

"Outrageous Injustice" indeed

Thanks to Christopher for sending along this link see "Outrageous Injustice" at Between Mike Nifong and the prosecutor in the case described in the link above, one has to wonder what… more »

The Senate's anti-Bush resolution

Guest article by my well-respected and intellectual friend, Rusty S. (whose views only in part mesh the views of Rossputin) I’m a death to the Jihadists kind of guy and I’m dismayed about the Senate's so-called “Not in our national interest… more »
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