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HR 800 and the Democrat plans to strengthen unions

Congress will soon vote on HR 800, the "Card Check Bill" which will make it easier for unions to unionize workers in the private sector. It will eliminate most of the secrecy in union balloting, allowing union intimidation of workers. It's a terrible… more »

Brief market update

I'm writing this about 90 minutes before the market open on Wednesday: Chinese stocks staged a decent recovery overnight, with most of their indices up between 3% and 4%, and European markets fell only about 1%. At the moment, index futures (both… more »

Federalism rears its head in Arizona

I love this (and I am not saying that sarcastically): Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson has proposed a bill, S1428 in the state legislature, that would prohibit any officer or representative of Arizona's state government from creating or allowing… more »

Homes are selling, but at much lower prices

It is true that the number of existing homes which sold in January rose 3% to the highest rate for 7 months. But behind the numbers lies a bleaker picture, despite Bloomberg News's optimistic statement that "the report suggests that housing, recovering… more »

Waiting for the Libby verdict

see "Deliberations Continue in CIA Leak Case" (AP via SF Chronicle, 2/27/07) As we go into the fifth day of jury deliberations in the Scooter Libby… more »

The stock market what?

Despite believing for some time that the economy was on weaker footing than some of my more optimistic economist friends think, today's massive sell-off in the stock market (which you would have to expect to be repeated to some degree in Asia and Europe… more »

Who's the real smearer?

re "Smearing Like It's 2003" (E.J. Dionne, Washington Post Op/Ed, 2/26/07) E.J. Dionne completely misses the real travesty of the Scooter Libby fiasco: Prosecutor… more »

Don Boudreaux on competition for the Post Office

This note by Don Boudreaux about the Post Office's proposal to raise the price of a First Class stamp to 41 cents is so good I just have to copy it for you.... 26 February 2007 News Editor, WTOP Radio Dear Editor: You report that the U.S. Postal… more »

A weekend straw poll slams McCain

This morning I was in a meeting room with about 200 conservatives, some more toward the social conservative type and some more toward the libertarian/fiscal conservative type. The speaker at the time asked, by show of hands, to see how many people… more »

A perverse pleasure from new MPG ratings

The EPA has recently changed the way it calculates expected mileage for cars with the result being that new MPG estimates are substantially lower than in prior years. Best as I can tell, the changes decrease both highway and city ratings non-linearly,… more »
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