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FDA has bigger problems than conflicts of interest

re "F.D.A. Rule Limits Role of Advisers Tied to Industry", NY Times, 3/22/07 To the Editor: Removing FDA advisers who are paid substantial amounts by companies or their competitors from… more »

Stratfor on Iraq and the "spoiling attack"

Following is a truly fascinating piece from Stratfor which argues that the apparent under-use of military force and resources in Iraq is part of a broader pattern, and that the apparently disastrous results may not be as bad as they seem, particularly… more »

Ivan Eland: Don't broaden sanctions on Iran

Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at the Independent Institute, has a new article arguing against broadening the sanctions on Iran outside the areas specifically related to acquiring weapons technology. One of… more »

More Congressional earmark shenanigans

Following up on the video I posted yesterday of Congressman Jeff Flake exposing the Democrats' new strategy on earmarks, we have this piece by John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. If the Democrats believe that an appearance of corruption was part of… more »

Housing problems worsen

The stock market took a minor beating yesterday primarily based on two stories out of the housing sector. First, S&P's Schiller-Case index of residential real estate prices dropped in January, representing the first time in 11 years that there was… more »

What Democrats mean by "earmark reform"

Thanks to the Club for Growth for bringing this unbelievable moment in government to our attention. Of course, any political junkie knew that the Democrats weren't serious about the "earmark reform" they implemented at the beginning of this Congress.… more »

Finding the dark cloud in housing's silver lining

Just below, you'll find Brian Wesbury's optimistic take on the likely effect (or lack thereof) of housing on the economy. While I hope Brian is, right, I still find myself discerning the dark could around housing's recent silver lining. see "Existing… more »

Brian Wesbury: Don't fear housing's effect on the economy

My friend and very smart economist Brian Wesbury believes the recent worry (in markets and by politicians) about the possible effects of mass foreclosures of homes purchased with "sub-prime mortgages" is overblown. Monday Morning Outlook The Lion that… more »

The Portuguese discovered Australia???

Thanks to my (Australian) wife, Kristen, for sending this link along...for all the history buffs out there! Map proves Portuguese discovered Australia: new book Reuters via Yahoo, 3/21/07 more »

Dr. H. on yesterday's Iraq War Funding Bill

Here's the opinion of my business partner on the House's Iraq War Funding Bill see "House OKs timetable for troops in Iraq", 3/23/07 Yesterday, the US House of Representatives passed a… more »
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