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A good week for liberty

Last week was a good week for liberty, in particular for our First Amendment freedom of (political) speech. On Thursday, a unanimous Washington State Supreme Court ruled (in a case called San Juan County v. No New Gas Tax) that radio talk show hosts… more »

The war funding bill: Any President would veto it

see "Senate OKs deadline in war funding" (Washington Times, 4/27/07) I haven't written a lot about the House and Senate passing war funding bills which include timetables for withdrawal,… more »

Colorado Dems making State more inviting for illegals?

On roughly party-line votes, the Colorado State House and Senate have both passed HB 1313 which will soon go to Governor Bill "Tax Hike" Ritter. It is hard to know what to make of the bill. In a way, it seems shockingly audacious, even for Democrats… more »

EPA should let California regulate emissions

PUBLISHED in the LA Times, 4/30/07,0,7267859.story? re "Schwarzenegger administration to sue EPA over air standards" (LA Times, 4/25/07)… more »

Is Obama the next Howard Dean

PUBLISHED in the Washington Times, 4/25/07 re "Polls see Obama gaining as Hillary appears waning" (Washington Times, 4/22/07)… more »

An ugly report for residential real estate

Yesterday, the National Association of Realtors ("NAR") released their report on March existing home sales. The surface numbers looked like a disaster, although the reaction of housing stocks was muted and some of the bad results can be explained by bad… more »

Federalism: A great argument for Fred Thompson

In my opinion, broadly stated, the biggest problem in American politics today is a complete lack of respect for the principle of federalism. It's something I've written about many times in these pages, usually complaining that so-called conservatives… more »

Medicare: The gun aimed at America's heart

The Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees said Social Security released their 2007 Report yesterday (summary HERE), and despite the occasional headline by the liberal or economically ignorant (was that redundant?) media about the two programs… more »

French election goes to expected 2nd round

The center-right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and the socialist Segolene Royal were the two leading vote-getters in this weekend's French election, with about 31% and 26% of the vote respectively. The upstart centrist Francois Bayrou got a rather strong… more »

New website for Colorado news and issues

Some people I know have started a new web site to bring you news and opinion with a focus on Colorado. For those of you in (or interested in) Colorado and what's going on here, I recommend you make it regular reading. If you have any constructive… more »
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