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Stratfor on US-Iran talks and strategy

Following is a truly fascinating in-depth analysis by Stratfor of the recent US-Iran discussions over Iraq. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Most if not all of the links require a Stratfor membership.... Iran, the United States and… more »

Bob Schaffer and the Club for Growth

In response to my posting a week ago endorsing Bob Schaffer for Senate, I received an interesting comment which I thought deserved a serious reply regarding the actions of the Club for Growth in Colorado during the prior election cycle and the possible… more »

Don Boudreaux on Congressional pigs

Don Boudreaux's letter to the Washington Post yesterday is succinct, on target, and nearly poetic: Please, someone give me one good reason why members of Congress are given the title "Honorable". Don .................. 28… more »

The logic of loans

In a article on Saturday, Phil Harris went on the attack against banking and credit card companies for a range of complaints. I understand anger out outrageously high bank overdraft fees, credit card interest rates, and such things, but… more »

Memorial Day in our family

As we honor (and not celebrate) another Memorial Day, my heart is heavy. Memorial Day, originally Decoration Day, was begun to honor Union soldiers who perished in the Civil War. But for three years now, and forevermore for my family, Memorial Day… more »

CO2 effect on climate massively overstated

One of my biggest complaints about Al Gore's hysterical "documentary" is his intentional logical error of assuming that if CO2 concentrations have gone up more or less simultaneously with a global temperature increase, then 1) CO2 caused the increase,… more »

Bush authorizes covert action against Iran?

ABC's blog "The Blotter" is reporting a new "nonlethal presidential finding" authorizing the CIA to try to destabilize the Iranian government through a "plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation… more »

Schumer's disgusting populist socialism

At a meeting of the Joint Economic Committee, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), chairman of the Committee, frothed at the mouth with the sort of rhetoric which should make all American entrepreneurs shudder. Quoting from a MarketWatch story on the hearing:… more »

A reporter should know better than to listen to Greenpeace

I wrote the following in response to an article by Marc Gunther discussing Exxon's funding of organizations which are skeptical about human-caused global warming and the magnitude of the "problem". Gunther's article is here: Exxon Mobil: The Rest of… more »

The R-Rated anti-global-warming-hysteria rant

OK, so he's not a Harvard professor, but this guy from Boston understands better than most just what the proper reaction to Al Gore is. You can watch/download the video by clicking here: Boston Global Warming more »
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