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IBD: The real climate issue is global cooling

For regular readers of these pages, you've seen plenty of articles before about the relationship between solar activity and the earth's climate. Now Investor's Business Daily editorializes, referencing some of the same material, that "greenhouse gases"… more »

Another Senator unfit to be...Senator

The other day, I posted a YouTube video of an interview with John Edwards, arguing that it shows he is unfit to be President because he clearly does not understand America or its Constitution. Now, we have a radio interview of Ohio Republican… more »

Why Giuliani is still the frontrunner

As my regular readers know, I am enthusiastic about both Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani. I believe one of them will be the nominee. There is a lot of excitement about Thompson and he is polling exceptionally well for someone who hasn't spent a dime on… more »

Senate denies cloture on immigration bill

By a vote of 46-53, the Senate has just voted not to close debate on the Immigration bill, effectively killing the bill. I strongly doubt whether they'll try to revive this bad legislation again. It's the best thing that could have happened to… more »

Important immigration reform vote today

see "U.S. Senate heads for crucial immigration vote" (Reuters, 6/28) The best thing that can happen to the GOP and to the country, following Republicans voting to re-open debate on the… more »

Lou Dobbs has a rare interesting moment

As a financial markets professional, I am regularly amazed by how economically ignorant Lou Dobbs, one of our leading business talking heads, is. His views opposing "outsourcing", for example, are based in pure emotion and not supported by any… more »

Great News: You're 50/50 to make it!

I opened Google News this morning to find a startling report. I don't know what to make of it, i.e. is it good news or bad news, does it related to this week or this century, and how much should we care? Any thoughts from readers would be much… more »

House votes to ban aid to Saudi Arabia

see "House votes to ban aid to Saudi Arabia" (ABC News, 6/22/07) Last week, the US House of Representatives inserted a provision into a foreign aid bill which would eliminate US aid to Saudi… more »

Justice for dry cleaners

In a case that has received a lot of attention, the Chung family, Korean immigrant owners of Custom Cleaners in Washington, DC, not only won against an insane plaintiff, but were also awarded costs from the plaintiff. The plaintiff, an administrative… more »

Senator Edwards is unfit to be President

Thanks to Steve Moore for telling me about this interview. In his recent (5/30/07) YouTube interview, Senator John Edwards demonstrates such a lack of understanding of the fundamental nature of America and our Constitution that he should be simply… more »
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