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A double whammy: Congress to renew SCHIP

see "Senate panel OKs tobacco tax hike to help insure kids",0,1563983.story? The Senate Finance Committee voted 17-4 yesterday to reapprove SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance… more »

Obama, sex ed, and the forgotten Constitution

see "Sex Ed for Kindergarteners 'Right Thing to Do,' Says Obama" (ABC News, 7/18/07) Much has been made in recent hours about Senator Barack Obama’s call for sex education for… more »

They don't want to hear global warming alarmism in Australia

Here's an enjoyable short article from Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper discussing the coldest June in well over 50 years down under...while clearly noting (the way global alarmists don't) that it's a bit silly to talk about short term data as… more »

Socialized medicine: Lessons from the UK

Last week, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Chicago Sun-Times disagreeing with one Cindy Richards on her socialist view of health care. My friend and regular reader "The Freak" also wrote a letter to Ms. Richards. It's worth reading. Is it my… more »

Pakistan on the precipice

As I mentioned in a posting about a week ago, I believed there was substantial political risk to Pakistan's President Musharraf, and thus to US interests in Pakistan, if he stormed the Red Mosque to kill the fanatics holed up in there...though they… more »

Supreme Court's education ruling is a real opportunity for progress

The many liberals, Democrat contenders for the presidency, and Black leaders assailing the recent Supreme Court decision disallowing the use of race alone to assign students to public schools are missing the point…and a very important public policy… more »

I don't believe men speak as much as women

re "A stereotype that's all talk" (Baltimore Sun, 7/6/07),0,4697892.story? The new study in the journal Science which purports that women do not talk more than men defies standards for… more »

Elsewhere, hints of progress....and how Iraq matters.

While I am not one to give the benefit of the doubt to tyrannical, evil regimes, and while I have often argued that hints by Iran and North Korea of willingness to work with the west in dealing with their nuclear ambitions have been smoke screens, a… more »

Glenn Beck and corporate greed

Following is an email I sent to Glenn Beck after hearing him foam at the mouth for too long about "corporate greed"... Glenn, One of the few areas in which you are consistently disappointing is when you discuss "corporate greed". It is the job of… more »

More media idiocy about health care

re "Health-care costs are sickening" (Opinion, Chicago Sun-Times, 7/4/07),CST-EDT-cindy04.article To the Editor: Cindy Richards’ grousing about health care costs demonstrates a deplorable lack of… more »
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