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Mitt Romney and early primary momentum

PUBLISHED at Historically, the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary have received the perception of being, if not president-makers, at… more » Thompson to announce Sep 6. is reporting that Fred Thompson will officially announce his candidacy for president next Thursday, September 6th. Here's the link: more »

Larry Kudlow on wasted money in Louisiana

On this second anniversary (yesterday, actually) of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Larry Kudlow has written a fantastic piece about the federal boondoggle that is "reconstruction" of New Orleans following… more »

Comments on my TV appearance

I had the opportunity to appear on Jon Caldara's television show "Independent Thinking" in an episode that aired last Friday and again Sunday, the subject of which was the state of political blogging in the US and Colorado. If I can find a way to get… more »

Senator Craig is not gay...but he's willing to learn

[This article is far from politically correct...] Part of me really doesn't want to write about Senator Larry Craig, in part because everyone else is. But it's just too tempting. So, Craig "denies being gay". It reminds me of an old joke complaint… more »

Goodbye Gonzales, the longer article

While watching the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the obvious question is “What took so long?” Gonzales seemed like a nice enough guy, but was yet another obvious example of President Bush’s letting loyalty trump competence on a… more »

Goodbye, Gonzales

Upon hearing of the resignation of Alberto Gonzales, my first reaction was "it's about time". Gonzales functioned as a "yes man" for an administration that worked far too hard to expand executive power at the expense of the delicate balance of our… more »

Colorado slouches toward socialist medicine

re "Bill to insure all Coloradans: $26 billion" (Aspen Times, 8/25/07) To the Editor: Proposals coming from or reviewed by the Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care are nothing short of economic and… more »

Higher food prices seem to be on the way

[Links on commodity names will show monthly price charts.] Despite massive wheat harvests in Colorado which are leaving "mountains of wheat standing idle", world wheat prices have hit record levels with the December '07 Wheat future closing at $7.37… more »

Education: More of the same isn't the answer

On Tuesday, a couple of local radio talk show guys were discussing the recent move by some Colorado school districts to start the school year a week or ten days earlier, presumably to increase standardized test scores. I wrote a note to the talk show,… more »
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